Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

One of the most popular types of fishing is Bass fishing. There is nothing like hooking into a nice Bass and the battle that follows. One of the most exciting memories a child will have is catching their 1st Bass, no matter what the size.

Bass fishing

For those of you just starting out with Bass fishing you don’t really need to “break the bank” to get started in catching fish. A decent spinning or baitcasting combo would be sufficient to jump right in and start catching Bass.

If you are experienced in other areas of fishing however, you will probably want a more sophisticated rod and reel for your move into Bass fishing. Either way Freshwater Fishing Rod Reviews will help you get started by giving you some choices for a god rod and reel and direction on how and where to catch Bass.

Rod & Reel

Certain types of rod and reel are perfect for catching freshwater Bass. I am referring to spinning and baitcasting rods and reels. Beginner’s new to fishing will probably want to start out with an open face spinning reel. They are easy to learn and easy to cast for those just starting into fishing.

The more experienced angler may want to try a baitcasting rod and reel set up but they can be a little bit more complicated for the beginner. Freshwater Fishing Rod Reviews is recommending a medium action spinning rod and reel combo for those just getting started with Bass fishing.

However if you choose a separate rod and reel, be sure that they are matched and balanced. It should feel comfortable when holding it with the reel stem between your four fingers, not too back heavy or top heavy.

Based upon our research and great reviews we recommend the following for beginners;

Shakespeare Catch More Fish Rod and Reel Combo for Bass
Shakespeare Catch More Fish Rod and Reel Combo for Bass
Fishing Line

For fishing line on this medium action rod and reel combo Freshwater Fishing Rod Reviews recommends 6 or 8 pound test monofilament fishing line for best results. Whenever possible have the tackle shop or store spool the reel for you.



There are numerous baits for Bass fishing out there and new ones are being created all the time but for a beginner we would suggest trying live bait first. The best live baits for Bass are night-crawlers, minnows, shiners, small bluegills and other small fish present in the waters you will be fishing.

There are also many different type artificial lures for Bass fishing;

Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Plastic Worms, Weed-less Frogs, to name a few, but there are many, many more.

Where to Fish

 Bass can be found in almost every freshwater pond, lake or river in the United States and they can be found in Canada, Mexico and other countries as well.

When looking for places to catch Bass think of where a fish would hide. Remember that Bass are predatory fish by nature and will hide in “cover” waiting to pounce on a meal. A good comparison to a Bass is a cat in the wild and how they hunt and get excited by the movement of the prey. Bass react the same way to their prey, by lying in cover waiting for a passing meal.

When fishing small ponds look for bushes, or even a single bush standing in the water, or a boulder sitting on the bottom of the pond. Look for patches of lily pads or weed clusters standing in the middle of nowhere, there you will find Bass.

In larger ponds or lakes look for points or deep drop offs where there is shallow water nearby. Look for changes in vegetation, where grass connects with milfoil or other weed types. Fish around docks, fallen trees, and platforms that provide “cover” for Bass.

In large or man-made lakes also look for old road beds, submerged rock walls or river channels where Bass can hold out.

In rivers look for breaks in the current, where pools developed, and fish around pilings and boulders. Again look for pockets where weeds grow or tree roots provide a place to hide from the current.