Great features and affordable pricing make Sweepfire-B a winner for the budget conscious freshwater fishing enthusiast. Big fish don’t care how much you paid for your Reel… and aren’t they what it’s all about? That’s the beauty of the Daiwa Sweepfire series. These reels are perfect for all fresh and saltwater applications. Sweepfire-B Features: * Digigear digital gear design * Advanced Locomotive Levelwind for even line winding * Smooth ball bearing drive * Twistbuster line twist reduction * One-touch folding handle * ABS aluminum spool * Gyro Spin balanced rotor. Freshwater Fishing Rod Reviews recommends this reel for the budget conscious fishing fan.

What others are saying;

“I have to admit up front that I am the type of fisherman that tries to get by in spending as little as I can on the equipment. I have no doubt that great equipment, that is poles, tackle, reels, etc, make for a much better fishing experience over the years. Especially if you favor salt water. My problem is that with the amount of fish I usually get around to actually catching, spending big bucks just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. When I spotted this Daiwa 4000B reel recently at a sportsman show, I loved the look and feel of it right off. And I had the opportunity to check out and weigh in on a lot of hefty priced reels that day. (For the record, I also checked out some lower priced reels in the Sweepfire line and found this one to be a far better quality than the cheaper ones. Well worth the small upgrade in price). This 4000B for the price is a beautiful piece of work. Its made of a solid aluminum, functions flawlessly, and is as smooth and solid as any reel I have owned, at any price. Mind you I have never been one to spend $100 or more on a reel, but I have spent a lot more than the 20 odd dollars that they are asking for this baby, and trust me, gotten what feel and performs like a lot less. I liked it so much I bought two more, one for my other salt water rod, and one for my fresh. I favor it enough to prefer it over my regular fresh water reel. It’s a little smaller than some reels making it perfect for light to medium cast salt water service, and perfect for fresh. I have personally never seen a reel for this price or anywhere near it that can come close to the feel and quality of this one. I not only highly recommend it, but I also suggest you pick it up right here on Amazon where even with shipping thrown in, cost a shade less than what I paid for it locally. Unbeatable quality for the price…”

“I love this reel… It was delivered on time and when I got it in hand I could not believe it was on $19.99! It is a quality piece of fishing kit. I have been using it to land some nice sized Crevalle here in Barbados off if the cliffs. Its super easy to set the drag and let the fish run and work them in. I cannot wait to get a Barracuda on this baby! GO for it you will not be disappointed!”

“Only time will tell, but the quality of this reel appears to be solid. At worst, a really good back up reel – but This will be my main backpacking rig. I paired it with the Eagle Claw telescoping rod, which gives you a good setup for less than $40. I’m really pleased with the good value.”