With the Fall approaching and temperatures changing, so does Bass behavior and that requires changing your Bass fishing tactics. Bass will become more active as the hot summer temperatures begin to fall causing them to feed more to get ready for the cold winter.

This is a good time to locate schooling Bass, providing an opportunity that you really don’t see any other time of year. Some of the best freshwater Bass fishing takes place in the early Fall so don’t miss out.

The best places to find early Fall Bass are around steep drop-off points where you have shallow water nearby. As the days shorten Bass will move in & out of the shallow waters to suspend in the deep areas of the drop-offs.

Remember now, we are talking about early Fall where Bass have been spending most of their time in deep water due to the summer heat and will now be moving closer to the shallows but remain suspended on the drop-offs.

Also be aware of the wind as bait fish will go “with the wind” and Bass will chase them. On a windy day find areas that have deep water near shallow flats and the wind blowing on the shallow flats. Bass will be chasing the bait fish onto those flats during the day.

Late Fall & early Winter the Bass will be suspended and your focus will be in the deeper water and slower technique.

As the temps begin to cool in the shallow water they will become more active and hungry so big baits are in order here so some of the preferred baits for Fall are:
Jig & Pigs
Crank-baits (deep divers)

Try to match closely to the colors and size of the natural forage that Bass will be chasing in any given body of water.

Bass are aggressive this time of year so experiment with your retrieve and find what works best for your situation.