Fishing is a worthwhile and enjoyable hobby to pursue, but There are so many varieties of fish and different conditions that lead you to numerous choices for fishing equipment from which to select for each fishing situation. The kind of fishing that you opt to participate in is going to determine the type of equipment you are going to use.

Things to Consider when Freshwater Fishing

The freshwater fishing gear that you will need may be different for each fishing expedition. The freshwater fishing gear need will include items such as line, sinkers, lures, bait, bobbers and other floats. Other items such as fish finders and depth finders may also be classified as fishing gear. The one piece of gear that is most important for a fisherman is the fishing rod.

What Kind of Fish are You Fishing For?

When choosing the rod, the first thing that you need to take into account is the kind of fishing that you are going to do. Thus, you should consider if you need a rod for fly fishing, bass fishing, walleye, pike, trout, catfish or other freshwater fishing. Every type of fishing possesses its own kind of rod made for the environment and the various demands that each of them requires. Here is a brief overview of the freshwater fishing rod and what you might need:

  • Ultra-light to light action freshwater fishing rods for the smaller species of fish.
  • Medium light -medium action freshwater fishing rods for medium sized species of fish.
  • Medium heavy to medium action freshwater fishing rods for large species of fish.
  • Shorter freshwater fishing rods for smaller rivers, creeks and ponds.
  • Shorter freshwater fishing rods for heavy cover around the location you are fishing.
  • Longer freshwater fishing rods for larger bodies of water and bigger rivers.

The kind of fish that you are going after is going to influence the kind of rod that you may need to use. An ultra-light to light action freshwater fishing rod is perfect for small fish such as perch, crappie, bluegill and some species of trout. Medium light to action freshwater fishing rod is perfect for medium- sized fish such as bass, walleye, larger trout species, smaller pike and catfish. The medium heavy to heavy action freshwater fishing rod, on the other hand, is ideal for large species of fish such as muskies, large pike and salmon.

The Length of Your Fishing Rod

The other factor that you require to consider is the length of your fishing pole.

The environment is normally the factor that determines this. When you are encircled by a lot of low hanging trees and bushes, then a shorter freshwater fishing rod is the best alternative. This is because the chances of getting entangled in the bushes highly decreases. Again, when fishing in rivers, ponds or smaller creeks, you will require a smaller fishing pole. In more open and larger waters, a longer rod is going to allow you cover more area and make longer casts.

When selecting the freshwater fishing rod, another factor to consider is the price range. There exist all kinds of these rods in every price range. You should just decide on what you can afford to pay, and begin searching. There are normally differences in materials that influence the cost. When you are just starting out, then you may decide to go for a cheaper freshwater fishing rod that will serve your purpose perfectly.