“Comprehensive Information on Freshwater Surf Fishing Rods”

Surf fishing, or fishing from the shoreline, is one of the most convenient and common ways of fishing in freshwater bodies all across the globe. It comprises of surf fishing rods that vary greatly in terms of variety and functionalism. Due to the fact that this type of fishing is quite specialized as compared to other fishing methods, the surfing fishing rods are usually different from the rest.

They are approximately between 10-12 feet long and have a capacity to sling big 4 or 6 ounce weights, usually required if you are fishing the shoreline of a river with strong current. Most rods used in this manner are fitted with a heavy duty spinning reel which is pretty much required for the large rods needed for this type of fishing.

The weight that is usually needed for a surf rod can be heavy depending on any current that might be present. A larger weight will get a line out deep into the freshwater body while at the same time holding the line tight. On the other hand, some surf or shoreline type fishing won’t require a heavy weight or a large rod.

Some folks will use a typical 6 to 8 foot rod while fishing from shore on a calmer body of water. Some of the baits that are mostly used for shoreline fishing with larger stationary rods include shiners, minnows, worms, catfish baits, etc. The type and amount of bait used depends on what you are trying to catch.

Remember we are talking about freshwater hear, now saltwater surf fishing is a whole different story.

Surf/Shore Fishing Combo

Guide to Freshwater Surf Fishing Rods

Here is a detailed guide on other fresh water fishing rods that one can use.

Bait Casting Reels and Rods

These are the most popular fresh water fishing setups, the rods are usually smaller in size as compared to other types. In fact most of them are actually less than six feet long. The reel is usually fitted at the rod’s top handle. As the fishing rod is cast, a button that is usually located at the back of the reel holds the spool in position and only releases it at the right time in a bid to allow casting of the bait.

One of the advantages of using this rod is that users can easily control the length and speed of the line by using the thumb on top of the spool. They are very accurate and easy to use as compared to other rods.
Bait Casting Reels

Fly Fishing Reels and Rods

These fishing rods use lures or flies that are usually made using feathers, threads and other light materials. These materials that usually resemble an insect or fish are tied onto the light fishing hook. It’s also important to note that the rod has to be long and flexible due to the fact that the flies are very light in weight. They are very affordable and can be accessed in all leading stores that stock fishing accessories.

Trolling Rods and Reels

This are quite similar to the bait casters, the only difference is that they are not designed to be cast into the water body for one to catch fish. Instead users have to use them from the boat; the line is usually played out and trails behind. These fishing rods are perfect for catching large fish since they are large in size and more heavy duty than other types of fishing rods.

Trolling Combos

Be sure to consult other professionals in this field for additional information that may be required. It’s advisable to purchase your freshwater fishing rods from accredited suppliers so as to avoid wasting resources on trial and error.