Fishing enthusiasts all have their own unique preference when it comes to freshwater fishing rods. While many anglers prefer more traditional fishing gear, the telescopic fishing rod has become a favorite among fisherman on the go. With its compact design, it can be easily transported under almost any condition.

The Features of a Telescopic Fishing Rod

Although they are different in design for increased portability, telescopic fishing rods are constructed from the same materials as traditional models.
Besides the ability to be slid into a smaller size, a telescopic rod also differs in eye construction. Many models of telescopic fishing rods have heavy braced eyes to withstand the pressure at the segment points.

Telescopic Fishing Rods are Easily Portable

Everyone who enjoys fishing may not have the luxury of a boat. For those who fish the bank on foot, walking through thick wooded areas and brush with a full sized fishing rod can be difficult. A telescopic rod on the other hand, can easily be pushed together and allow you to walk through heavy brush and woods without getting snagged.

If you prefer a traditional rod but still want to move around the bank easier, many freshwater fishing rods come in a variety of different lengths in all types. Although they are not quite as portable as the telescopic variety, they still provide improved mobility under thick conditions.

The telescopic fishing rod has been around for sometime.

Although earlier brands and models of these rods were not durable enough under heavy conditions, some more modern telescoping rods have improved on this. Some models now provide construction for heavier action.

Keeping a Telescopic Fishing Rod for Backup

You never know what could happen on a day out at the lake. A telescopic fishing rod can provide a backup solution that takes up very little space on the boat. Whether you’re fishing from the bank or a boat, carrying a telescopic rod can provide a spare if you find yourself in a mishap.

In addition to providing freshwater fisherman with a more compact alternative, telescopic fishing rods are very popular among coastal fisherman because of their smaller size. Traditional surf rods for in shore and off shore fishing are quite large with some sizes reaching 14 feet in length.

The first models of telescopic rods were not durable enough for salt water conditions or larger fish, however today’s improvements on these rods have made them a popular choice among fisherman who demand portability and rugged construction.

Telescopic Fishing Combos

The Value of a Telescopic Fishing Rod is Limitless

Whether you’re a freshwater fishing enthusiast in need of a backup rod or enjoy fishing the surf of the coast, telescopic fishing rods are a great way to add a more portable solution to your fishing experience.

Just like a one or two piece rod, a telescopic fishing rod can be purchased for all types of reels. This provides the benefits of easy gear transport to any fisherman regardless of his or her preferred reel type.

This mobile fishing rod has came a long way since its humble beginnings as novelty gift item. With its smaller size and space saving design, a telescopic fishing rod can provide the same advantages to freshwater and saltwater anglers of all skill levels.