Here are just a few of our favorite affordable freshwater fishing rods and reels:


Shakespeare Fishing Rods – Over 108 Years of Excellence in Fishing Tackle
“Because of their contributions and longevity in the tackle industry, the Shakespeare name remains one of the most recognizable to the public. As such, it has a fascinating history within the tackle industry. . .”
— Fishing Tackle Trade News, Dec. 92

Personal favorites for all sorts of fishing needs are theShakespeare Ugly Stik freshwater fishing rods, they are sturdy, sensitive, and affordable. They are especially great for Bass fishing and lots of people will use the med-heavy 6 ½ – 7 ½ foot rod for throwing jigs, rubber worms, or spinner baits into heavy cover but different sizes will also work, whatever suits your need. The medium strength rods are a good all-around fishing rod, and they last a long time.
Ugly Stik Fishing Rods

Abu Garcia Fishing Rods – When you want light tackle fishing gear turn to Abu Garcia fishing rods. At a very reasonable price you can get great fishing gear for fishing light line for Crappie or other Pan-fish. But don’t stop there, if you want a great fight while fishing try hooking into a Smallmouth Bass or big trout with light tackle, you’ll never forget it!
Abu Garcia Fishing Rods

Daiwa Fishing Rods – Another very reliable fishing rod is a Daiwa, they come in all sizes to suit your need and are sturdy, sensitive, and last a long time.
Daiwa Fishing Rods

Shimano Fishing Reels – These reels are an all-time favorite for many people and these freshwater fishing reels are smooth and reliable. They have tremendous cranking power and casting distance.
Shimano Fishing Reels

Abu Garcia Fishing Reels – Another quality fishing reel is the Abu Garcia line of reels. For smooth and effortless casting with their line of baitcasting reels try the Silver Max or the Black Max, you won’t be disappointed.
Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

On the higher end there are the Carrot Stix line of freshwater fishing rods. They are light weight and strong with outstanding action! Higher priced but worth every penny!

Carrot Stix

If you are looking for a balanced rod & reel combo, below are a few links for some that are very reasonably priced from Daiwa, Shakespeare, Okuma, Abu Garcia and others. Not necessarily our personal picks but quality brand names that will help take the guessing out of matching your rod with a reel.
Spinning rod & reel combos
Baitcasting Combo
Fly Fishing Combo

These are just a few of Freshwater fishing rod reviews favorite rods and reels. Be sure to come back for more reviews as they develop on other brands and products.