This page contains some of Freshwater Fishing Rod Reviews picks for quality trolling rods. We choose the rods by searching places like Amazon, Bass Pro Shops & other suppliers for rods that have good quality construction, great reviews by actual users & reasonable cost for the quality of rod.

St. Croix® Premier® Glass Trolling Rods

Gone are the days of pool-cue fiberglass rods with the handling characteristics of lead. St. Croix is now building top-grade glass rods that are lighter and more sensitive than you might have believed was possible, until today. Each blank is laid up by hand using St. Croix’s own SCI high-modulus linear fiberglass, precision balanced and finely tuned to provide the perfect mix of power and flexibility. Fitted with aluminum oxide guides and Fuji® graphite reel seats. Made in USA

 What others say;

“My brother bought me this St. Croix Trolling
Rod for Christmas this year. (I most certainly could not afford this on my retirement income. This in my opinion is the finest
Rod made. It is balanced and fine tuned to
perfection. The cast-ability of this exquisite peace of art is fantastic. I use this with my
Shimano Calcutta (another Christmas gift from him) between the St. Croix and the Shimano I can cast so far out that I think I’m
going to cast all the line off my Reel.”

Get yours now at Bass Pro Shops.


Penn Senator Rod

The Penn Senator Rod offers a great alternative to the pricier, Special Senator Rod when full rollers are not required. Boasting the same action with a high-end glass blank with tubular construction and a solid tip, along with a reliable aluminum reel seat and gimbal, the Senator is great rod. In place of full AFTCO rollers, the Senator Rod is equipped with AFTCO Roller Stripper and Tiptop guides at the ends and chromed “in-between” guides to keep the price point down. The rod is additionally equipped with a comfortable EVA grip and a slick butt that is easy to retrieve from the holder. With 1-year warranty, the Penn Senator Rod is a great performer by any measure.
Features and Specifications:

Blank Material: Glass
Blank Construction: Tubular with Solid Tip
Rod Butt: Slick Butt
Reel Seat: Aluminum
Gimbal: Aluminum
Grip: EVA
Types of Guides: AFTCO Roller, Chrome Ring
Guides + Tip: 5

Shimano 1 Piece Trolling Rod

Length: 7′
Power: Medium Heavy
Action: Medium Fast
Pieces: 1
Rear Grip Length: 12″

Shimano’s proven TDR Trolling series will continue as a mainstay for those anglers looking for a rod to match with their downriggers, dipsy divers or other trolling applications. The knowledge we have built up over the years from our rod specialists and professional staff, combined with their vast experience on the water, shows in this series. A wide range of rods offers you the right tool for any trolling situation or application. The TDR also features a durable Aero-glass blank construction, a fuji reel seat, softer EVA fore-grip, reinforced aluminum oxide guides with stainless steel frames, harder EVA rear-grip for durability when used in a rod holder, and a one year limited lifetime warranty.

What others are saying;

I love this rod almost as much as my husband. This rod is great, I can’t believe how light it feels in your hand, it is not only light but balanced and durable enough to catch the big boys (steelhead and salmon on the Chetco river in Oregon) you will not be disapointed in this rod.

I just bought this trolling rod not too long ago and went out on a fishing trip right after I received it. This is my first trolling rod and I have to say with it’s performances I’ve seen so far, it is one of the best trolling rod ever. The tip is so sensitive that you will never mistake a fish bite and the strength this rod packs is super strong which is great for reeling in the big fishes. I’d have to say I am really empress with this trolling rod and will definitely buy it again. Also for the price of this rod, it is well worth it.

good for fresh water trolling. We use it for salt water party boat casting and jigging with a smaller level-wind reel. It works well. Seems well built. It is not heavy enough for salt water trolling.