There are many types of fishing rods and reels for freshwater anglers to choose from. It is important that you always use the appropriate rod for the type of reel you are using.

Fishing enthusiast who are familiar with fishing rods and reels and their different types often purchase the two items separately. Veteran sport fishing enthusiasts as well as beginners may prefer the convenience of purchasing combo fishing rods and reels.

Variety of Fishing Rods and Reels

Freshwater fishing rods and reels come in a variety of styles and types. They are more affordable than comparable saltwater gear because they do not require the cost of protection against saltwater conditions. In addition to this, coastal and oceanic fishing is only available to those living near the sea. No matter what state you live in, freshwater fishing is available to you.

Spincaster Reel

The most commonly used type of freshwater fishing reel is the spincaster reel. This is the type of reel that features a push button casting release system. This closed face reel is the most popularly used reel among beginners and children . Many veteran fishing enthusiasts also use spincasting reels for their simplicity and ease of use.

Spinning Reel (open face)

The spinning reel is the open faced variety of freshwater fishing reels. This type of reel does not have a button. Instead, it is cast by flipping the line guide away and holding the line in place with your index finger. When casting you simply open your index finger to release the line. Manual models of this reel require you to flip the guide back in place before beginning to reel, while automatic varieties will do this on their own when you begin reeling.

Great Spinning Reel Deals

Baitcasting Reel

More advanced sport anglers often choose the power of a baitcasting reel for its ability to more easily handle larger freshwater fish. While this type of reel has the advantages of faster reeling and more power without the need of drag, they are also more complicated to operate. Modern bait casting reels have improved this with magnetic breaking systems in addition to adjustments for lures and bait of different weights.

Baitcasting Reels

Each of these types of reels perform best when they are accompanied by the appropriate freshwater rod. Push button spin casting reels work best with porcelain eyed standard fishing rods in a variety of actions ranging from light to heavy.

Rods for Spin Casters

The type of rod used with spinning reels is similar to those used with spin casters, but feature larger eyes to compensate for the different casting style of the spinning reel. Since the line is drawn from beneath the rod instead of in line with it, these larger holes make the line cast more smoothly.

Rods for Baitcasters

Bait casting reels are typically spooled with super line such as low diameter braid or heavy mono-filament types of line. The type of freshwater fishing rod needed for a bait casting reel does not have porcelain eyes. The eyes are constructed from a metal alloy and are positioned in alternating angles as they progress to the top of the rod. These rods are typically medium to heavy action.

Freshwater fishing rods and reels come in different styles and types to meet every angler’s specific needs. Whether you enjoy fishing as a relaxing activity or a serious sport, there are many freshwater fishing rods and reels for fishing enthusiasts of every level.