Whether you’re traveling across the country or just down the road, Shakespeare® Travel Mate rods are ideal. Travel Mate rods come in both telescopic and pack rod models.

Shakespeare Telescoping Pack Rods… super portable, your choice of length and style! From the Shakespeare Travel Mate series, Telescoping Pack Rods that are loaded with value and quality. Easy to bring anywhere… backpacking, camping, hiking. Or just keep one in the car for those chance encounters with a gorgeous stream.

All feature lightweight, strong graphite reel seats and stainless steel guides. Plus a reusable rod tube for protective storage. Choose yours and get it at the lowest price going!

What others are saying;

“I have used this rod for many years. I pack it right in the bottom of my tackle box. So it’s ready to go any where any time, long as it’s Rocky Mountain beaver ponds fishing for brook and rainbow trout.
A common misconception about these rods, that I often hear from friends and family, is that these sectional rods often come apart when casting, well that has not been the case for me. I have never had a problem casting with this rod, or any other problems with it for that matter. But the part I love the most is being able to pack it down into my tackle box with very little effort.”

“I owned an older version of this rod for several years and had purchased a different make and model for my wife to backpacking. After two years of disappointment, I sought out the Shakespeare and to my delight it the same design as the one I have loved and fished with for serveral years. It has great action, easily assembled and for those who like to get away from the rest of the fishing public to find the good spots, this is a great rod to have along.”

Freshwater Fishing Rod Reviews recommends the Shakespeare Travel Mate Rods.